4 ways you can personalize your marketing content

Personalizing your marketing content is a necessity; no one will pays any attention to “Dear Valued Customer.” (It died years ago with “Attention Kmart Shoppers.”) With that in mind, here are four tips for personalizing content without coming across like a stalker. Content recommendations. Most methods for personalizing content involve collecting data, segmenting users, and […]

5 ways to craft an authentic sustainability message

Being sustainable is a good thing to do on its own, but the marketing benefits are diminished if your brand can’t effectively communicate the message. Here are five effective ways for your brand to let consumers know about your corporate commitment to sustainability. Be inspiring. Climate change and other environmental issues seem overwhelming to a […]

Going beyond sustainable: 4 ways to make your organization regenerative.

Here are five ways your business can be regenerative and make the world a better place environmentally, socially, and economically. Think beyond the product. Last year, the Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles, California achieved Regenerative Organic Certified status with the Regenerative Organic Alliance. They thought beyond just making wine and considered the whole: employees, […]

A wake up call in 2021.

Welcome to 2021 – a year that promises to be a far cry from 2020. On the upside, The Miller Group celebrated its 30th anniversary and an all-new website. And we worked with a number of amazing clients on meaningful initiatives. COVID has been a wake up call. It’s made us think about how we – as  marketers […]

Seven ways to improve agency-client relationships

Seven ways to improve agency-client relationships There are a lot of articles about how clients can get the most from their agencies, and vice versa.  In March, released this chart covering the most challenging barriers to a successful agency-client relationship. Here are our thoughts on the topic: Delivering innovative ideas. Clients often complain their agencies’ work is too […]

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing  ABM can become quite labor-intensive without the right tools and the right approach; the secret to using ABM effectively is market intelligence. You need to be incredibly careful choosing your targets—because if your hunch turns out to be wrong, it could cost your team a lot of time and aggravation.  Before launching ABM, make sure […]

What’s your story?

What’s your story? Stories are the best way to communicate. Every culture and every age group that’s ever existed has used stories to teach lessons and impart wisdom. Consumers crave genuine connections with brands. Here are seven tips for humanizing your brand and communicating what you do:  Ask why. In his TED Talk, author Simon Sinek […]