Done right, marketing gets “love letters”

A textbook example of how paid communications can energize the sales process. PSAV asked us to support their sales team’s efforts to open a conversation with a more resistant prospect: general managers of large, locally owned, prestige hotels representing large meeting and event revenue potential. The Miller Group created a series of staged mailings to bypass administrative gatekeepers and sufficiently intrigue prospects to learn more from a PSAV sales rep. The program generated a 15% response, dozens of qualified leads and ‘love letters’ to marketing from the PSAV sales team and potential customers who received the campaign.

B to B Web Series

With the continued success of The Inspiration Cafe in reaching the business community, it was decided to launch a companion web series called The Intersection. All the broadcast video segments were shot live on location with thought leaders in the field.  Over a period of six years both series were on the road at various conferences and conventions such as PCMA, MPI and CVENT.  The Inspiration Cafe and The Intersection emanated from cities as diverse as Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Orlando, St. Louis and Las Vegas (multiple times).  Over 150 different videos were produced and directed by The Miller Group, in shows that many in the business world described as the perfect mixture of a news and business program.