Making a bigger difference in the world.

With more than 1.5 million cause-centric and non-profit organizations competing for attention, the struggle to be heard, valued, and supported is ongoing. Donor and member acquisition, retention, and overall relationship management starts and ends with clearly communicating how a cause matters.

The Miller Group excels at results-driven, digital campaigns that support health and wellness, charitable, and cultural organizations in growing their supporter base; organizing, launching and sustaining profitable capital campaigns, and growing overall brand footprints. Our expertise communicating with foundations, NGO’s, and high net worth households gives non-profit clients a head start in grant and bequest funding. The trend today is toward capital projects, and long-term investments, areas where we have had particular success.

Based on the most recent full-year statistics, $335 billion was given to various U.S. charitable organizations, nearly 75% of it coming from individuals. So it seems to make sense that the digital marketing firm you select not only understand the giving business, but the business of giving.

Featured Work:

Latin America: where the social, political, and economic scene is rarely predictable and never boring. That’s the DNA running through the art at MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art). We turned a niche art form into a destination by celebrating the passion of Latin America. A massive agency-lead research effort resulted in the theme: “Where Passion Lives.” Research, direct marketing, advertising and outreach reduced membership defection and increased museum traffic by 30% in 12 months.

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The fastest way to give a big voice to a modest budget is through a compelling idea. The Gay Men’s Chorus campaign resulted in two sold-out concert seasons and incremental proceeds benefiting AIDS research. And The One Show awarded us a Gold Pencil for our creative effort.

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