Doing Different Well: Innovation and Changing Industry for Better

Fresh thinking, disruption, innovation: change goes by a lot of different names. It adds up to somebody somewhere thinking: “there has to be a different and better way.” This is the first in a series about people whose ideas are challenging the rules in their category. People with passion like Dave Akahoshi, the subject of this article. Dave is determined to disrupt the old rules of the fresh produce industry. He sums up his dedication simply: “Good, bad, or ugly, I’m going to leave a mark on this industry.” If you have an interest in elevating your brand through innovation and doing well by doing good, contact me, Renee Miller, at The Miller Group. I can be reached at or at 310.442.0101 ext. 23. Additionally, if you have an interest in learning more about Plan Berries, head over to Or, find them in a store near you!

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