Food & Consumer Packaged Goods

Getting consumers to fall in love with your brand.

Smartphones didn’t exist 25 years ago, and now we have more than 100 brands; breakfast is the most important meal of the day; we have nearly 600 cereal brands to choose from. Your turn to do dishes? Relax there are 1,000 global dishwashing soaps available. The consumer packaged goods category is congested, noisy and competitive. Winning can be decided by hundredths of a share point.

And, we love it. Because this is a category that knows the difference between a product and a brand, a category where buyers are anonymous, and the transactions private. And, a category where falling in or out of love with a brand can happen in an instant. Our job is to make sure consumers fall in love with your brand, stay in love, and tell everyone in their network to do the same.

Featured Work:

Creating the branding for high-end, all-natural Lotus pet food turned out to be one of our most gratifying assignments. We came up with the name and corporate identity, designed the packaging, developed in-store materials and launched dozens of promotions. Today, Lotus outsells every other brand in Centinela Feed & Pet’s 15 Southern California stores. And sales are thriving in independent pet stores throughout the U.S. and internationally.


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A small chain with a big cult following, Chin Chin was losing share to a fast growing PF Chang’s. In response, we took advantage of the trend, especially among younger diners, toward healthy eating and differentiated the brand based on “healthy Chinese” which reinvigorated interest in the chain, and increased both revenue and share.

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Elkay Plastics: Elkay Plastics is one of the largest grocery store distributors in the U.S. They largely focus on supply side [commodity] products and services. When they launched a new cooking bag with both B2B and B2C appeal, they turned to The Miller Group. We created the “Ready. Chef. Go!” brand name, tagline, and complete identity program, along with a comprehensive suite of POS and advertising materials designed to support sales and marketing. The product is now in rollout across a number of U.S. grocery chains.

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