Employees & Interns

We play hard and work even harder.

Employees at The Miller Group go beyond clients’ expectations, providing innovative solutions to clients’ most pressing marketing challenges. No matter what the obstacle – severe deadlines, complex strategic marketing initiatives or seemingly impossible customer acquisition goals, each team member works collaboratively, sharing his or her ideas and vision. Collectively, those ideas result in marketing successes and wins for our clients. We salute each and every team member and their amazing contributions. To learn more about a career at The Miller Group, please visit our career page.

TMG represents a wonderful diversity of thought, creativity and experience. Renee continually cultivates this kind of atmosphere and it results in great work and even better memories. I haven’t worked with a more fascinating group, or on such a varied range of marketing accounts and challenges than during my time at The Miller Group. I’m grateful for everything I took away and the relationships I maintain to this day. Any individual or brand would be equally fortunate to collaborate with Renee and gang. quote

Darren Tarlow, Account Supervisor

I haven’t forgotten anything I learned at The Miller Group and I’m really grateful for all of the experience I had there. I’ve been so successful in my job in large part thanks to what Renee and the whole team taught me. And I want to take a chance to thank you for that. quote

Clare Kirlin, Account Executive

After being an intern for the summer at The Miller Group between my junior and senior years in college, I was hired and trusted with the Art Director position a couple weeks after I graduated. My year spent with Renee and her team was exciting and fulfilling, helping me gain confidence to take on the world. quote

Patrick Parker, Art Director

Working with The Miller Group has been and continues to be a great step in my career in advertising. Everyday I work with driven and inspirational co-workers that make each project a joy to work on. I’ve created great bonds with everyone and look up to Renee as a strong woman in advertising. As art director I’ve worked on creative projects as well as organized a Toy Drive for the 2012 holiday season for needy children in Los Angeles. quote

Ann Putney, Art Director

The Miller Group has a genius setup for their interns. A hands-on, immediately involved, creative experience from the first day you step through their doors. You’re not just answering phones; you’re genuinely creating content that makes a lasting impression on the agency. I’ve found my experience to be extremely valuable; everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. I have to give The Miller Group credit, they have great confidence in their interns, and it shows. The Miller Group is a lighthearted agency with a seriousness that gets the job done. All in all, I’m happy to call the Miller Group home. quote

Andrew Merryman, Account Coordinator

As an intern at TMG, I was part of the team from the get-go. Unlike other companies, TMG didn’t hesitate to give me responsibilities. The agency is a highly collaborative, supportive workplace where I was truly valued. I was exposed to branding, account management, web design, video editing etc. I will always be grateful for this experience, which helped me grow personally and professionally and provided the foundation for my career in marketing. quote

Jackie Pinta, Account Coordinator

The Miller Group has been my first real step into the world of advertising. Having almost settled for a “marketing” job somewhere else, I wake up excited to come to the office every morning. During my time here, I’ve sat in on meetings with clients, written conference reports, analyzed proposals, helped create a presentation for a (prominent) prospective client and researched/interacted with clients. All of this experience has been performed in the course of one month, and I am excited for the opportunities to come. Another thing to note is the people I work with. Not only are they kind and helpful, they are also diligent and love what they do. This makes working here all the more sweet. quote

Sam Moon, Account Coordinator

My time at TMG has been enlightening. In addition to gaining professional skills working with new and existing accounts, I have had the opportunity to cultivate my creative skills in design and writing. TMG encourages networking and promotes self-growth, allowing you to create a personalized internship experience. Most importantly, I spent a great deal of time with the president, Renee Miller, who I found to be an inspiring mentor and female role model both professionally and personally. quote

Sasha Dhall, Account Executive

My experience at TMG has been amazing. Everyone works closely together. I get the chance to work on account duties and get practice in developing my creative side. Everyone here is humble, extremely knowledgeable, and wise on their game. I’m also learning how to be fearless of failure so I can encourage my own growth. Lastly, I’ve learned how to be humble before the agency, the advertising community, and ultimately myself. quote

Jose Caldera, Account Coordinator

I had a wonderful time at TMG – enriching as well as instructive. As a current Communication and Social Influence major at Cornell University in New York, I was looking for a challenging internship where I could excel my writing abilities. TMG gave me the opportunity to improve my writing skills immensely through elaborate feedback and extensive writing exercises. Not only was I able to meet influential professionals in the field of marketing, but also make lifelong friends. All in all, TMG was one of my best internship experiences thus far. quote

Desiree Popelka, Account Coordinator

Having the experience to come from New Zealand and work in Los Angeles was a dream come true! During my time at The Miller Group I have been able to get involved with social media, sit in on client meetings and even take on a project with another colleague. I am very grateful to Renee and Gary for taking me on for such a short time. I have enjoyed the atmosphere of working with colleagues from several European countries. Living and working on the Westside has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life! quote

Aaron McDowell, Account Coordinator

My personal goal when I applied for an internship at The Miller Group was gaining international practical experience in the arena of marketing. I wanted to experience the real agency life and seeking to work in a company with a flat hierarchy and a lot of transparency. At The Miller Group, interns can take initiative and get involved in various enterprises, depending on their interests – from creative brainstorming to social media marketing. The collegial atmosphere is great, and also very international!quote

Juliane Elsner, Account Coordinator – Intern

My experience at TMG has been tremendously enriching. I’ve always felt like a valued member of the team and I’ve had the chance to work closely with everybody. I studied business for four years in France and my internship at The Miller Group truly enabled me to gain hands-on experience and put my skills to work. Now I have a better understanding of how a unified digital agency works. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, and learned so much. I will always be grateful to the whole team for helping me grow personally and professionally. quote

Salima Nini, Account Coordinator – Intern

I studied Applied Media at the university, so naturally I am very much interested in the planning and implementation of new projects. During my internship, I got a deeper look into different departments and I learned how the marketing industry works on a daily basis. Furthermore, I was able to expand my knowledge by working with project management and customer relationship management systems. I was also able to sit in on meetings with clients, help write RFPs and conference reports and assist with the creation of presentations for our clients. quote

Linda Ebschbach, Project Management – Intern

When I got the confirmation for an internship at the Miller Group in Los Angeles, a dream came true! My time here was even better than I would have ever expected. I feel like I have grown during my time here. Renee and Gary taught me a lot. Especially how client relationships work and the most professional ways to work with them. Being here has given me new views about Online Marketing and the potential of it. I’m excited about the future and I’m so grateful for all my colleagues and new friends here. TMG – We definitely stay in touch! quote

Stephanie Beck, Online Marketing – Intern

During my marketing studies at university I was fascinated with how brands work, what makes consumers buy products and develop brand loyalty. As an Account Coordinator intern at TMG, I got to dive into many brands of various industries. It’s the variety that makes working at TMG so appealing to me. It’s not to be taken for granted, but at TMG we believe in team spirit – not only in the office but also during our leisure time. quote

Olivia Gebhart, Account Coordinator – Intern

I really enjoyed my internship at The Miller Group. It was amazing to work with such a passionate and creative team. I had the opportunity to help shaping their online performance and I got the chance to work for some of their major clients. Apply and you will not only treasure the job but also the nice colleagues. quote

John Siebert, Account Coordinator – Intern

At The Miller Group, everyone is integrated into the team from day one. As an Account Coordinator intern, I am learning something new every day. I am learning to organize client projects while also juggling day-to-day assignments. I love the fresh and innovative approach that the agency delivers to its clients and I am happy that TMG has given me the chance to get a great insight into the world of marketing. quote

Lena Hopfmann, Account Coordinator – Intern

I really enjoy working at The Miller Group. From my first day, I have been involved in everything from brainstorming ideas for new business pitches to coordinating schedules. My co-workers have all been welcoming, friendly and very helpful. The team is very creative and everyone values the clients a lot. I am involved in all ongoing projects and really enjoy that I have a voice in the company that is valued. Even if it gets very busy, I always enjoy working at The Miller Group and like everyone’s spirit and enthusiasm. quote

Ursula Michaelis, Account Coordinator – Intern

The Miller Group welcomed me very warmly to their team, so I felt like a fully integrated employee from the first moment. As an art intern I was involved in all ongoing projects, that’s why I got an extensive insight into the daily routine of an advertising agency. Additionally, I learned a lot about the culture, traditions and the cuisine of the United States, I was even invited to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I still enjoy working together with The Miller Group as a graphic design freelancer and look forward to upcoming projects together. quote

Doris Wimmer, Art Director – Intern

I’m thoroughly enjoying the time I spend at The Miller Group. Everyone is very welcoming and I felt part of the team from the first day I arrived from Milano in September 2013. As an Art Director trainee, I’m given the freedom to get involved with a wide range of projects. I’ve gained greater insight into working with other creatives as well as clients. I’m proud of the projects I’ve completed, including landing pages, ads, logos, sales presentations and branding campaigns. I’ve also been attending creative courses to continue strengthening my skills. quote

Silvia Ardeleani, Art Director – Trainee

Before starting at The Miller Group I worked as a social media intelligence and research expert in Europe. I’d spent years pointing out the weak points of social media communication for a large number of companies and organization. As soon as I started at The Miller Group with supervision I was handling the social media communication and it was really an eye opener. Suddenly I was the one involved with planning and executing plans, managing all social media channels as well as content marketing in the form of managing blogs, creating whitepapers, measuring and evaluating as well as doing research for new prospects and target groups. I have a MA in journalism so it fit me perfectly to have a role that could combine my interest in social media communication with my love of writing…quote

          Jenny Söderman, Account Coordinator – Intern

Dreams come true at The Miller Group! With more than 5 years of agency experience in Germany I had the privilege to spent 18 months as an Account Executive trainee at The Miller Group. Everybody in the different teams is very friendly, highly supportive and exceptionally knowledgeable. During the 18 months I got insights in all aspects of innovative U.S. marketing. I’ve been involved with pitches, campaigns, creative briefs, brand positioning statements, proposals, CRM management, video production, all aspects of digital marketing and the creation, maintenance and analysis of websites. I was participating in status meetings for medium-sized and Fortune 500 clients. The agency’s atmosphere is open minded, international and generates a great environment for creative thinking and disruptive new ideas. Especially the time I could spent with creative director and president Renee Miller was very helpful and inspiring to me. Renee is always on the cutting edge of marketing and reinvents the agency ahead of the latest trends. I thank every team member for helping me grow professionally and personally. I will always remember my great time at The Miller Group where I felt as a truly valued part of the family from the very beginning.quote

Michael Dentler, Account Executive – Trainee

Michael Dentler - Miller Group Marketing - Account
Adrianna Gildner - Miller Group Marketing Los Angeles

Over the course of this summer, the opportunity to intern at The Miller Group has been amazing. Not only have I gotten the chance to work with outstanding individuals, but I was also given projects that allowed me to learn hands on marketing techniques and strategies. I was given the chance to brainstorm campaign ideas, sit in on various business meetings, handle research tasks, and became proficient in a top CRM program called SharpSpring. The Miller Group provided me with an unbelievable internship experience and I’m so lucky to be considered a part of their marketing team even though it was for a short period of time. quote

Adrianna Gildner, Account Coordinator – Intern

The Miller Group was my first American work experience and it was GREAT! The company has a motivated and dynamic team that puts creativity at the heart of every project. I had the chance to work on interesting projects. Renée Miller encouraged me to give the best of myself and I did my best to meet the clients’ expectations. It was a great, instructive and rewarding experience and I met wonderful people.quote

Laurie-Ahn LeFranc, Art Director – Intern

Even though it was my first experience at an agency, Renee allowed me to do real, hands on work with clients and new business. I really felt as though I was an integral part of the team, and I’m glad I got to be so involved in learning about new business pitches, CRM, and other bread and butter staples of marketing/agency life.quote

Brooke Rosenthal, Account Coordinator – Intern

Working with The Miller Group gave me real and invaluable work experience. I got to work directly with the clients, attend strategy and planning sessions, do hands-on CRM work and much more. From the day I stepped through the door, I was met with friendliness, support and lots of challenges, which all added up to a truly wonderful internship.quote

Inge-Lise M. Andreasen, Account Coordinator – Intern