Apps In Mind

Click Here to Download We’ve heard it many times before “the future is mobile.” Smartphones and tablets are making their way into almost every part of our daily lives. Work, socializing, shopping, traveling, learning, gaming. ….More

Leadership Lessons from Top Marketing Executives

“Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.” — ….More

TechWeek LA 2013

TechWeek: in case you missed it, here are some of the highlights. TechWeek – Los Angeles (November 18) promised to be spectacular and didn’t disappoint. In fact, it felt like a two-day early Christmas gift ….More

Neuromarketing: The Future of Marketing

“Neuroscience shows us that the decision to purchase something is often formed deep within the subconscious.” – Nielsen Research Next time you buy something, stop and ask yourself why.  You may think you know the ….More

Creativity as a strategy for recovery.

Economic Crisis. Recession. Downturn. Contraction. Slump. There are plenty of words to describe the worldwide situation we are in and equally many philosophies for how we can emerge from it. One promising solution, which is ….More

Going mobile? Handy tips.

Space age technological advances mean that these issues will soon be moot. Roll-up screens, supercharged batteries and ergonomic keyboards loom on the horizon, multiplying the possibilities within master banner ads, MMS campaigns and apps (check ….More

European dreamin’.

Many marketing managers and ad agencies recruit interns from either local schools or, at the most, colleges and universities throughout the United States. I am here to tell you that it is worth the extra ….More

Beware of bright shiny things.

There’s an understandable urgency among most marketers today. In large companies, where the career span of a Chief Marketing Officer is 22 months, it’s not enough to just keep pace – you have to win. ….More

Putting social CRM to work for you.

Before you roll your eyes over yet another buzzword, stop: social CRM is more than that. It’s the logical next step if you believe, as you should, that social media communities are a separate breed ….More

The seduction of focus groups

The notion of sitting behind one-way glass and voyeuristically observing strangers talking about your company or product is very tantalizing, sometimes even painful. Having participated in hundreds of these qualitative sessions, I’ll offer some thoughts ….More

The era of experience.

It was a typical reaction. Whoa, awesome! I’m gonna tweet this. Hey, wait a second. Are robots taking over planet Earth? Have they already? This April, the nonprofit organization Immersive Technology hosted an event titled “The Era of ….More

Primary research for your business.

  Primary research answers YOUR questions about YOUR business. The value of this specificity is enormous, but the price tag doesn’t have to be. It starts with creating a plan and setting aside a fixed amount of budget, anywhere ….More

Lessons from the brand apostle model.

Apostles are most often viewed in a religious context. Indeed, all 12 Books of the New Testament were written by Apostles. But, the term didn’t originate in the church: it was around long before modern ….More

Measuring customer engagement.

If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.  Senior managers in large and small companies alike are looking for ways to measure (and by definition, improve) marketing performance. With the average job span of ….More