Toss Out the Old B2B Definitions

Successful B2B marketers recognize that businesses don’t talk to businesses: people talk to people. So, whether the audience is employees, distributors, vendors, regulators, industry influencers, retailers, franchisees, or end customers, the same standards apply. Our successful track record in launching new products and services, and in re-energizing lagging brands rests on the simple notion that great B2B communications – like B2C – come from deep insights into what it takes to make a sale, and why.

Featured B2B Case Studies:

“Focus on what you do best,” we advised RE/MAX Commercial, when research revealed their greatest successes came from entrepreneurial corporations  – think places like Yahoo and Google – vs. Fortune 500 companies. Our re-branding efforts paid off and commercial sales increased 30% in 18 months.


Fast and accurate labor time tracking and reporting is crucial, especially in managing distributed work teams in remote areas. ExakTime provides torture-tested paperless time clocks for businesses in construction, landscaping, mining, and energy. Technology is changing the category: more companies are moving to sophisticated software and mobile applications. ExakTime challenged us to increase their penetration of larger companies, and support the rollout of new technology in their product line. The campaign includes a series of digital banners and print ads targeted at larger brands. While still in the early stages of rollout, the campaign is already driving leads from Fortune 500 companies, and – importantly – from prospects outside their core construction constituency.